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Assault is the intentional infliction of bodily harm on another person, or the attempt to inflict bodily harm. In cases of 5th Degree assault, it does not even require physical contact with the other person. Simply making someone afraid of bodily harm, even without touching them, may be sufficient. The statute is so broad, it does not take much to be charged with 5th Degree Assault if you are involved in an altercation and come to the attention of the police.

An assault is typically a misdemeanor. However, use of a dangerous weapon, or the infliction of "substantial" bodily harm, may raise the offense to the level of a gross misdemeanor or even a felony. Also, assault is an "enhanceable" offense, meaning each successive offense results in more serious consequences.

Domestic Abuse No Contact Orders

If you were arrested and charged with Assault, then you may be subject to a Domestic Abuse No Contact Order (DANCO) issued by the criminal court. DANCOs may not just prohibit contact with the victim, they may also exclude your from your home or the home and place of employment of the victim. They may also prohibit you from contact with your children and restrict you in other ways as well...all before you have had a chance to tell your own side of the story. Your home, your safety, your parenting time, your gun rights, and many other issues may all suddenly be at stake.

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