Common divorce mistakes you can avoid

On Behalf of | Aug 25, 2017 | Divorce

To say that it is easy to make mistakes when getting a divorce in Minnesota is an understatement. In today’s world, it feels like everything to do with divorcing is a mistake with the potential to unleash a surge of negative consequences. We know how hard it is to make decisions during such a difficult time and we want to help.

Our lawyers believe that in this information-inundated environment, the simplest advice is the best advice. We have gathered a list of three common mistakes people make during divorce with simple reasons why it is important to avoid them.

  1. Being unprepared: If you have not prepared yourself for a divorce, chances are it will knock you off your feet. Consulting with a lawyer, taking stock of your finances and learning about Minnesota divorce laws can equip you to meet obstacles head-on.
  2. Negative communications: Divorcing is emotionally difficult to say the least. You may feel compelled to lash out at your spouse but this can hurt your case in the end. Place the task of communicating with your spouse in the safe hands of your divorce lawyer instead.
  3. Accepting an unsatisfactory divorce settlement: A divorce order is sort of like the sword Excalibur. Once it is set in stone, the task of removing it or affecting it feels monumental. The best time to fight for your rights is now.

Avoiding these mistakes and others like them can save you from seeking court order modifications after the divorce is complete. Remember this: A lawyer is more than a professional. Your lawyer is your advocate, your counselor and arguably the one person who is absolutely on your side. Please see our website for additional advice on getting divorced in the state of Minnesota.