Minnesota family law: Child custody information

Each state in America has its own set of laws governing child custody. While most of the state laws are similar, it is important to make sure you understand how the laws in your state work. Minnesota's child custody laws are straightforward, which is a benefit to couples getting a divorce. It is not difficult to learn about this area of family law if you are contemplating a divorce.

Instead of facing complicated rules that confuse those involved, parents only need to know a few things about custody in Minnesota.

Basic types of child custody

  • Legal Custody: When a parent is awarded legal custody, they can make important legal decisions about the children such as health care, education and many others.
  • Physical Custody: This refers to the parent with whom the child resides. This parent provides basic necessities like shelter and food.
  • Joint custody: In some cases, both parents are awarded legal custody and/or physical custody, meaning they share the responsibilities associated with caring for children.

Other notable factors of the state's child custody laws include the recognition of grandparent visitation rights and considering the child's physical custody preferences if he or she is mature enough.

Of course, you should be aware that issues like domestic violence or the presence of drug and alcohol abuse could complicate child custody matters. Further, if you reside in Minnesota, but your child resides in a different state, your case could become more complex. For those in these types of situations, or those who simply want legal support, consulting with a family law attorney offers many important benefits.

Source: FindLaw, "Minnesota Child Custody Laws," accessed Aug. 11, 2017

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