Mistakes to never make after a DUI arrest

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2018 | blog

One DUI is enough to land someone in serious trouble, even if that person did not have a criminal record previously. For a first-time DWI offense, people can expect jail time, a fine and a suspended driver’s license.

Unfortunately, many people placed under arrest for DWI end up further complicating things. If the police arrest you for DWI, regardless of the circumstances, you want to remain cordial and act properly. You want to maintain a stellar reputation and keep your rights protected if this incident goes to court.


Not being careful about what you say to police

Some people think they can get out of a traffic stop if they admit to drinking a beer or a glass of wine an hour ago. Even if that is true, it could give the officer probable cause that you drove under the influence. The officer could also bring that statement to the courtroom. An attorney might have a much harder time trying to get you a good resolution if you already admitted to drinking something that evening. So, it can be critical to exercise great care when talking to police. Admissions and even off-hand comments could well impact the ultimate direction of your case.

Failure to use phone calls

Television shows misrepresent the process of going to jail all the time. They make it seem as though people only have one phone call. In actuality, you should be able to get a few calls. One should be to an attorney, and you should never speak to the police without an attorney present. You can also contact your family members or a bail bondsman to assist you further. Some people also choose to call their own phones to leave a voicemail. A voicemail showing how you do not have slurred speech patterns may be advantageous in court.

Acting rude

Throughout the process, you want to always treat the officers with respect. They can make the process more difficult, so give everyone a reason to like you.