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DUI implied consent law means ignorance of the law is no excuse

Who reads the fine print? Perhaps not many, and usually there are no repercussions. But, when it comes to driving on the Minnesota roadways, there is some important fine print found in the laws. It involves what the law says you consent to by virtue of just operating a vehicle on those roadways. Because the law creates the consent, the name of the law is implied consent.

The deadly effect of alcohol on the teenage brain

While you may think that drinking when you are a teen is just a way of enjoying life and getting the wild child out before you have many responsibilities, the exact opposite may be true. Alcohol has different effects on the teenage brain than it does on the adult brain, and the end results can be devastating. There are more alcohol related deaths in teenagers than any other drugs, and alcohol is often a factor in the top three causes of death for those aged 15-24: suicide, homicide and accident. Teenagers who drink alcohol are also more likely to use other illegal, harmful drugs.

What is auto-brewery syndrome?

While most people know what steps they need to take to avoid drunk driving, some may find that it is impossible, no matter how little they drink. It might sound like science fiction, but scientists are beginning to find that some people have a condition that creates an internal brewery in the gut. Drivers with auto-brewery syndrome have been cited for DUIs even when they have not drunk any alcohol.

5 factors that can influence the results of a breath test

Breath tests are the most common piece of evidence submitted in DUI cases, but there are many factors that can actually make them unreliable and insufficient evidence. In some cases, law enforcement officials have even acknowledged the invalidity of breath test results while still using and submitting them as evidence. If you face DUI charges on the basis of a breath test, these five factors may be relevant.

Certain conditions can affect field sobriety tests

While it can be stressful for anyone to end up on the side of the road facing a field sobriety test, there are certain drivers who are at a higher risk for failing than others. Researchers have discovered that some internal and external conditions can increase the likelihood of a false positive, making it trickier to tell whether a driver is actually drunk. If any of the following apply to you, be aware that you may be more likely to fail a sobriety test.

Can you get a DWI after 'sleeping it off' at night?

After a night out, some people believe that a cup of coffee, or a few hours of sleep, are enough the sober up. That cup of coffee with dessert can provide some false confidence of being sober (or, at least, less impaired), according to Robert Swift, M.D., Ph.D., the associate director of the Center for Alcohol and Addiction Studies at Brown University. He says that caffeine fools the systems in the brain and body into making an impaired person think that they are sobering up.

Extra DWI patrols are on the road in Minnesota through Labor Day

The unofficial end of summer is approaching fast. Many people throughout Minnesota celebrate the Labor Day holiday at parks, boating on rivers and lakes, or throwing a barbeque with friends and family. Alcohol is frequently present. While consuming alcohol with friends is a time-honored function during holiday celebrations, law enforcement is particularly aggressive in enforcing Minnesota's tough DWI laws when holidays approach.

Is a valid prescription a defense to DWI charges based on drugs?

Medical advances are commonly given a great deal of credit in increasing life expectancy. In addition to medical treatments and protocols, many people in Minnesota rely on prescription medications to control serious conditions. Unfortunately, the use of necessary prescription medications -- even when duly prescribed -- can be the basis of a Minnesota DWI charge.

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