Representing Individuals And Businesses For More Than 10 Years

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Representing Individuals And Businesses For More Than 10 Years

The Right Business Formation Can Make All The Difference

From construction contractors starting their own businesses to individuals who run businesses part time as a way to monetize their hobbies, it seems as though everyone knows someone who owns or wants to start a small business. Creating the proper business entity can shield owners from personal liability and provide substantial savings at tax time.

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Even though business formation has become commonplace, it’s still critical to work with an experienced lawyer to help ensure that you build a strong foundation for your business.

At Two Rivers Law P.A., we have 10 years of experience representing individuals throughout the northwest suburbs in business law and business formation matters. From our office in Elk River, we represent business owners in Anoka, Maple Grove and the surrounding communities.

Legal Protection For Your Business

One of the first steps in forming a business is choosing the correct entity. Creating the entity properly and filing the necessary paperwork may seem like unnecessary details. However, if your business faces any problems — for example, if it is sued — having the right entity and paperwork in place can help protect your personal assets from being taken in the lawsuit.

We educate our clients about our recommendations so they understand exactly why we’re suggesting each step. From tax advantages to protecting your personal assets to securing your personal income, there is a reason for everything we do, and we take the time to explain those reasons.

Business Owners With A Business Background

Like you, attorney David Cox is a business owner. He understands the priorities of business owners and would never recommend something for you that he wouldn’t consider for his own business. Before attorney David Cox opened Two Rivers Law P.A., he worked in business and finance. His depth of understanding in those areas allows us to make recommendations that support a business’s bottom line and growth opportunities.

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