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Representing Individuals And Businesses For More Than 10 Years

Did You Lose Your License After A DUI Conviction?

One of the consequences of a DWI conviction can be license suspension or revocation. Losing your driver’s license can mean losing your freedom to drive to and from work. Losing this privilege can be embarrassing and disheartening. A DWI defense attorney can help you take steps toward reinstatement of your license.

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How Can I Get My License Reinstated?

When license revocation occurs after DWI, the first thing you probably want to know is how to get your license back. The suspension can include fines and may last anywhere from 90 days or more or your license could be revoked indefinitely. The severity of the penalty will depend on the number of DUI offenses you have had and also the results of the incident. Some DUI incidents can result in felony DWI charges.

License reinstatement is considered an administrative sanction and can involve the following costs:

  • Paying a fine for the license suspension
  • Paying driver’s license fees
  • Costs for getting your car out of an impound lot
  • Installing an ignition interlock device

You may qualify for a DWI work permit or a limited Minnesota license if you meet the requirements laid out by the Division of Vehicle Safety (DVS) and the Minnesota court system. An experienced defense attorney can explain your options and the processes involved going forward.

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