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Representing Individuals And Businesses For More Than 10 Years

Is Possession Of Marijuana Still Illegal?

People are often surprised when they get arrested for possession of marijuana. They may think that possessing only a small amount of this drug is acceptable. Even though marijuana is gaining acceptance in many states regarding medical marijuana use and other changes in laws, possessing marijuana in Minnesota is still a crime. Penalties vary based on the amount of the drug, where it is found, and if the circumstances indicate possession with intent to sell.

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Experience To Fight Your Drug Charges

For more than 10 years, attorney David Cox has assisted people charged with drug crimes in getting their lives back on track. This experience means he understands the court system from arrest to arraignment to plea bargaining and dismissal. Clients appreciate his empathetic approach toward them and what they are facing. He will work aggressively on your case toward the best possible outcomes for your circumstances.

How Much Marijuana Can I Possess Before I Get In Trouble?

In Minnesota, the law states that possession of a small amount of marijuana such as a joint can lead to a petty misdemeanor. Petty misdemeanors do not involve jail time. Misdemeanor charges may follow possession up to 42.5 grams. If the marijuana was in your vehicle, it takes a smaller amount to trigger potential jail time, and you will also have collateral consequences such as temporary revocation of your driver’s license.

When Does Possession Involve Jail Time?

Felony charges include jail time. You can go to jail for up to five years for possessing more than 42.5 grams but less than 10 kilograms of marijuana. Above those amounts, jail time increases dramatically based on the amount of marijuana in your possession.

What are police allowed to do?

The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution guarantees people have rights against the police regarding search and seizure. However, the police can argue they had probable cause for the search. If you agree to let the police conduct a search, that means you waived your Fourth Amendment rights and any evidence found could be admissible. Your lawyer can look for possible ways to exclude evidence as this may be used as a defense strategy in your case.

What Is Drug Paraphernalia?

Drug paraphernalia is any item someone uses to consume, manufacture or transport drugs. Common items may include bongs, pipes or roach clips which someone would use to hold a lit joint. Possession or use of paraphernalia is illegal and can result in petty misdemeanor. Charges increase for repeated violations and can include jail time and steeper fines.

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