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When Domestic Assault And Orders For Protection Affect Your Family

Domestic violence is one of the most common types of assault, but often the most difficult to deal with. The violence and the damage it causes you and your loved ones are bad enough. When the police or courts became involved, it becomes even more than that. Your home, safety, parenting time, child support, gun rights and many other issues may all suddenly be at stake.

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At Two Rivers Law P.A., we help victims obtain the court orders they need to protect themselves and their family, and we defend persons who have been falsely or unfairly accused of domestic violence. If you have been involved in an incident of domestic abuse, you will need experienced counsel on your side.

How Do DANCOs And OFPs Work In Minnesota?

If you were arrested and charged with domestic assault, then you may be subject to a Domestic Abuse No Contact Order (DANCO) issued by the criminal court. Even if there were no criminal charges, the other party may obtain an Order For Protection (OFP) in a civil proceeding. Both DANCOs and OFPs prohibit contact with the victim. They may also exclude you from your home or the home and place of employment of the victim. They may also prohibit you from contact with your children. An OFP may further award temporary custody of your children, require payment of temporary child support, and restrict you in other ways as well…all before you have had a chance to tell your own side of the story.

Violation of an OFP or a DANCO often involves potential jail time and can have other, serious consequences. Domestic violence charges and violations of an OFP are “enhanceable” offenses, meaning each successive offense results in more serious consequences. In some circumstances, the violation may be a felony. If you have been charged with violation of an OFP or a DANCO, call us at Two Rivers Law P.A. to learn how we can help.

What Happens With False Accusations Of Domestic Assault And Misuse Of OFPs?

It is an unfortunate fact that some people have learned they can make false claims of domestic assault and misuse the OFP process in order to gain an immediate advantage in divorce, child custody and other legal proceedings.

At Two Rivers Law P.A., you can be assured that if you are the victim of domestic violence or assault, we will help you fight to protect your rights and safety. However, if you have been falsely accused, we will aggressively litigate the issue with the county and/or your accuser and help you ensure the truth comes out.

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