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Representing Individuals And Businesses For More Than 10 Years

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Do You Need Legal Help With A Real Estate Issue?

Property issues can be especially stressful. Not only do they involve a valuable asset, but they also often involve the place you call home. Perhaps your neighbor is disputing the property line where a fence was placed. Maybe you live in a cooperative community, and the association is not allowing you to add onto your unit so you are seeking an exception. Maybe your parents have passed away, leaving you and your siblings to argue over what will happen to the family cabin.

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Types Of Property Issues We Represent

Attorney Cox assists clients with many disputes, including:

  • Boundary line issues — For new or existing property owners, we can help protect your property rights.
  • Disclosure issues After the sale or purchase of a home, we can help you understand and enforce the Minnesota Statute for disclosure requirements for undisclosed problems such as mold issues.
  • Water rights We can assist with rights involving wells and other water sources, water safety issues on your property or when someone else infringes on your property.
  • Lakeshore property We can represent you in these issues, including disputes among family members about ownership rights and keeping a cabin in the family.
  • Marital liens We can negotiate, review and assist with property issues arising during divorce.

We can also work on issues related to common interest communities such as condominium associations and retirement communities. We have represented either side of these disputes regarding approvals, exceptions and payment issues.

How Do Marital Liens Work?

When a couple divorces, often they have to decide what will happen to any jointly owned property such as a house, condominium or vacation property. One spouse may want to stay in the house while the other moves out. This creates a question of how the equity in the house will be divided. There are really two options:

  1. Pay now If he or she can afford it, the spouse staying in the house can “buy out” the ownership interest or equity earned in the home of the other spouse.
  2. Pay later If the spouse who is staying in the home cannot afford to pay out equity to the other spouse when the couple divorces, a marital lien may be written. This means that later, when the house is sold, a portion of the proceeds will go to the spouse who moved to account for his or her equity in the home.

To learn more about this and get answers to other property division questions, visit our FAQs page on property division.

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