Why you should never bad mouth a spouse during a divorce

On Behalf of | Sep 25, 2017 | Divorce

Plenty of people deal with divorce in Minnesota. According to information collected by the Legislative Commission Economic Status of Women, there were 15,888 divorces in the state in 2000. This number was a decrease from 16,575 divorces in 1992; however, these numbers still indicate that divorce is hugely prevalent in today’s society.

There are numerous mistakes spouses unwittingly make during divorce proceedings. One of the worst ones is to bad mouth an ex while the divorce is in progress. While it may feel tempting, it is best for people to hold their tongues until everything is final. Even after the divorce, it is good to maintain a healthy, working relationship with the ex, especially if there are children involved.

Extra litigation

Everyone wants their divorce to go as smoothly as possible, but this requires some compromises and being able to work maturely with the other person. Everything may go along fine until one spouse finds the other posting something nasty about him or her on Facebook. Facebook posts are on public record and are increasingly utilized in the courtroom. It is not worth it to make proceedings harder than they have to be. It is preferable to say nothing at all than something negative.

Child development problems

If a couple has children together, then they need to be mature for the kids’ sake. Watching two parents berate each other can have a lasting impact on a child’s psyche. Additionally, children who witness their parents fighting and bad mouthing one another are typically put in the precarious circumstance of having to pick a side.

On their own, two parents should work out a system for diffusing arguments in a way that will not impact the children. This can involve going into another room to handle disputes or ensuring no one raises her or his voice. Children are sure to have a much healthier concept of relationships if they see that even though their parents have become divorced, they are still able to get along.