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Representing Individuals And Businesses For More Than 10 Years

Want To Clear Your Criminal Record? Expungement May Be An Option.

Having a criminal record can make life difficult even after you have served your time, completed your probation, and done everything the state has asked of you. A criminal record can make it difficult to obtain a job, housing, schooling and certain licenses. The following statistics shed some light on the breadth of the problem:

  • 1 in 4 Minnesotans have some form of criminal record.
  • 87 percent of employers perform background checks on job applicants.
  • 26 percent of employers would not extend an offer to an otherwise-qualified candidate if they have a criminal record, even for a nonviolent misdemeanor conviction.

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Beat Criminal Background Checks

“Expungement” is the court-ordered sealing of your criminal record held by the courts and various government agencies such as the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, the Department of Human Services, and the Office of the Attorney General. If a conviction is expunged from your record, it should not be seen during a criminal background check. In some cases, you may be able to claim that you were never convicted of a criminal offense. It can make the difference between rejection and getting the job or the housing you need.

The Second Chance Law

At Two Rivers Law P.A., we believe everyone deserves a second chance. The Minnesota State Legislature does, too, which is why in 2014 it overhauled the law on expungement and passed the new “Second Chance Law.” The new law expanded the law by allowing expungement of convictions for all levels of crimes and made it easier in most circumstances to clear your record.

Get A Free Consultation About Your Second Chance

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