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Representing Individuals And Businesses For More Than 10 Years

Determining Child Custody And Parenting Time

For parents considering divorce, their child’s well-being is the single most important issue. There is no question that a divorce will change the nature of both parents’ relationship with their children. The question becomes: How will this relationship change? A skilled attorney who is sensitive to your family dynamics will help you do everything possible to preserve this important relationship.

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Working with a skilled and experienced lawyer is the best way to minimize conflict while still effectively pursuing your child custody, support and parenting time goals.

At Two Rivers Law P.A., we have 10 years of experience representing families in Otsego and Elk River and throughout the northwest suburbs in a range of family law matters. We find the compromises that help you get through your custody issues as quickly and inexpensively as possible and aggressively litigate the matters where compromise is not possible.

What’s In Your Child’s Best Interest?

In Minnesota, the courts look at the best interests of the children when making any decisions regarding child custody rights and parenting time. Factors considered include who the primary caregiver has been for most of the child’s life, which parent will provide consistency and stability in the child’s life, and any disruptions to the child’s life that the parenting plan might cause.

Creating Parenting Schedules That Make Sense

We know that every family is different, and families need a plan that is customized to their lives. For example, a construction worker who works longer hours during the summer may benefit from a plan that includes more parenting time with the kids during the winter, when work is slower.

Our Otsego child custody lawyer educates clients about joint custody, legal custody and physical custody, and we work to protect their most important goal — spending time with their children. We can also assist you if custody agreement modifications are needed later on.

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