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Tips For Successful Co-Parenting

Many people find parenting challenging. However, co-parenting after divorce can present one of the biggest challenges someone might face.

Co-Parenting Can Work For You

Success comes down to working together for a better outcome for your children. So how do you do this? Here are some tips for successful co-parenting:

  • Stop fighting — Studies have shown that when children see their parents get along and treat each other better, they are more likely to adjust better to the new family dynamic created after divorce.
  • Present a united front — Even though you and your ex are no longer together, you can still make decisions that affect your child together. This could include certain house rules such as bedtime and television time being consistent in both homes.
  • Be flexible — Staying on schedule and maintaining routines can be healthy for your child. However, if your ex needs flexibility on occasion, you might want to oblige them in the interest of making co-parenting work.
  • Be consistent — By being consistent in following through with what you say you will do and when you will do it, you are letting your child know that you can be counted on. This reliability will help them be confident through the difficult family change of divorce.

Having a successful co-parenting situation benefits your children, but it can also benefit you in terms of reduced stress and time saved in not arguing with your ex.

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