Representing Individuals And Businesses For More Than 10 Years

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Representing Individuals And Businesses For More Than 10 Years

What Will Your Property Division Include?

Many people think that the division of assets is as simple as dividing the estate in half between spouses. In reality, it’s more complicated than that. Some assets cannot be divided in half (such as a home or vacation property), and some assets would lose value if they were divided (retirement accounts and life insurance policies, for example). Sometimes a division of assets can result in unforeseen tax consequences.

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Experienced Divorce Attorney Looking Out For You

To protect your finances in the short and long term, it’s critical to work with an attorney who fully understands these financial issues. Attorney David Cox, founding lawyer of Two Rivers Law P.A., started his career in business. His in-depth understanding of the financial aspects of divorce allows him to advise family law clients on how to divide their assets to their advantage.

Our attention to financial details allows us to protect our clients’ assets and maximize their long-term financial value.

Working On The Many Factors In Asset And Debt Division

The firm represents clients in Elk River and Maple Grove and throughout the northwest suburbs in all property division issues, including:

  • Dividing debt
  • Dividing retirement assets
  • Dividing family-owned businesses
  • Accurately determining income from small businesses
  • Valuating pretax and post-tax assets

You’ve spent a lifetime building your wealth and legacy. Now you need a lawyer whose business and finance background can protect your assets during divorce.

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